Met Office warn of ‘widespread snowfall’ coming from ‘Greenland weather system’

The Met Office has warned that the UK could be thrashed by “widespread snowfall” in the coming weeks.

A "highly amplified" jet stream and lower pressure over the Mid-North Atlantic, will push air up into Greenland and then back down towards the UK next week.

Forecasters warn the weather system could snow, as the UK is set to face a colder-than-average March.

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Meteorologists warn that a significant weather event could bring a flurry of snow between early and mid-March.

Forecasters predict “increased chances of impacts from cold weather, such as snow, frost and fog" for parts of the UK.

The Met Office said the “most likely scenario” is for colder and settled weather, with wintry showers expected across much of the UK and snow in the higher ground in the north.

Mark Sidaway, deputy chief meteorologist with the Met Office, said: “We are expecting an area of high pressure to become increasingly established in an area toward Greenland.

“This will allow a northerly flow to feed colder air into at least the northern and eastern half of the UK bringing wintry showers.

“The extended outlook shows the possibility for a series of areas of low pressure to come across the Atlantic, and these bring the potential for some more widespread snowfall as they encounter the cold air, although the location and timing of these are very uncertain for now.

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“The exact positioning of the high pressure will be key and will greatly affect what weather we see in the UK.”

Between 3-12 March, the Met Office suggested that in some areas of the country, there was "a small possibility of more organised rain or snow spreading southwards".

Increasing risk of wintry showers, perhaps snow to the higher ground in the north. Temperatures are likely to be below average.

Beyond the first week or so of March confidence in the weather pattern becomes very low, but a preference for blocked broad-scale conditions remains which continues to increase the potential for colder conditions compared to the average.

Spells of rain become more likely, with a chance that some areas could see snow. Some wintry episodes could be disruptive with a combination of snow and strong winds. North-west areas of the UK have the highest chance of remaining drier than average.

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