Melania Trump sparks outrage after telling people to ‘take up a hobby’ amid coronavirus

The First Lady remained quiet about the ongoing coronavirus crisis in the US until fairly recently. However, her husband US President Donald Trump has been posting tweets about the pandemic for weeks.

But now Melania has used her presence on Twitter to give US citizens advice on what they could be doing to while they spend more time at home.

She posted yesterday: “Consider taking advantage of time working from home to connect with your loved ones via email or FaceTime, spend time w family, or work on your well-being by reading a book or spending time on a hobby.”

The post garnered over 7,000 comments as fans mocked the First Lady for her naivety.

Shane commented: “LMAO Take up a hobby?

“Newsflash: the majority of Americans work paycheck to paycheck and are trying to figure out how they’re going to eat and pay rent this month…”

Another said: “Sorry but you are not someone one my advisor list. When did you last work a job? Pay a bill?”

Teresa said: “Try supporting your family with no wages coming in and trump taking away snap benefits and healthcare.

“Then there are tests we don’t have because trump refused them. Where is the BeBest in that?”

Another said: “How does that work exactly for the parents who are now home schooling their children, who have lost their jobs or are in fear of losing them, can’t afford groceries?”

Shelley said: “Please have someone explain to you, in slow, simple terms, why people are mocking your tweet.

“Look, when people have to work from home, they are WORKING from home. It’s not recreation time. How could you possibly not understand this?

Another said: “Some of us don’t have the luxury of lounging around with hobbies.”

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Melania also tweeted about St Patrick’s Day, saying that this year’s celebrations will be “different”.

She said: “While things are different this year, and the focus is to keep each other safe & healthy, don’t forget to celebrate special events & occasions. Happy #StPatricksDay.”

Many fans congratulated the FLOTUS on the post.

One user said: Thank you First Lady for reminding all of us that life goes on and we should be celebrating our holidays.

Another said: Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, FLOTUS! To you, POTUS, and the whole family.

Dan commented: “Keep Rocking it with Class & Style Melania! The World Loves You!”

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