Meghan so ‘awkwardly nervous’ during walkabout she didn’t know whether to wave

Meghan Markle appeared "awkwardly nervous" during a walkabout at Windsor with husband Harry and in-laws Kate and Will.

The two couples went to the royal residence to view tributes laid out to the Queen, with flowers and written notes covering the floor outside the palace, and to greet the grieving crowds who had gathered.

But when the two couples went to leave in the same car, Meghan didn't seem to know if it was okay for her to mirror Prince William's behaviour by waving goodbye – and royal fans observed that she seemed "nervous".

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Twitter users reacted to the incident, with one observing: "Meghan Markle looks nervous in the video! She is out of her league. Does not have the same class as Kate, Princess of Wales!"

"A nice attempt of Prince William to heal wounds," another chimed in. "Lets see if his brother and his brothers wife repay that olive branch by dropping the plan to further bash the royal family in a book or leak any other private conversations to the media."

Meanwhile others were kinder to Meghan, with one saying: "Absolutely haunted by that video at the end of the Windsor walkabout and how nervous Meghan Markle looked, how anxious not to put a finger wrong and incite the ire of an entire national press corp.

"Such a f***** up situation."

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Another even accused the Prince and Princess of Wales of being abusive to Meghan, commenting: "Meghan's nervous glances, Kate's menacing expression and Harry never letting go of his wife for even few seconds speak volumes!"

"Wonderful moment on the long walk from The Prince and Princess of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex outside of Windsor Castle," another said.

During the walkabout, commentators noticed a stark contrast in the body language of the Sussexes and Kate and William.

The "business-like" Prince and Princess of Wales put on a united front but remained separate from each other, not holding hands or touching one another, while Harry and Meghan were a lot more handsy in what appeared to be a show of support from one to the other.

You can leave your tributes to Queen Elizabeth II here.

Both couples met with grieving royal fans who had gathered at the palace, with Harry and Meghan walking down one side of the road, and William and Kate the other.

And in a surprising turn, the two couples even left in the same car, driven by William.

Harry and his brother have barely spoken since the Sussexes ditched their royal roles in favour of the US.

Since then the pair have been quick to slam the Firm, creating a divide between the two brothers.

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