Meghan Markle suffered and paid a steep personal cost during time as HRH

Meghan Markle suffered and paid a heavy personal price when she worked as a member of the Royal Family, an expert has claimed.

Royal columnist Daniela Elser wrote in that the duchess’ claims about having a tough experience must be taken seriously.

She said it should be “double bold and triple underlined” that Meghan’s experiences and difficulties not be overlooked, and that her frank discussion about suicidal thoughts be given the respect and belief it deserves.

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“It is beyond doubt that Meghan suffered and paid a steep personal cost for her time as a card-carrying HRH”, Elser wrote.

“How could anyone not be deeply affected when she told Oprah of one night the Sussexes attended an engagement at the Royal Albert Hall and that ‘every time that those lights went down in that Royal Box, I was just weeping, and he was gripping my hand.’”

She said it's vital that Meghan is believed when it comes to having had suicidal thoughts, adding how challenging the realities of royal life must have been as a young person far from home and so intensely in the public eye.

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Elser added: “To co-opt the #MeToo motto, believe all women. Or, in this case, believe all people who say they suffered suicidal thoughts.

“Thinking about Meghan’s experience, it must have been an incredibly dark and scary place for the mother-to-be to find herself, thousands of kilometres away from her mother and her friends.”

In the column, Elser discussed one of Meghan’s coping strategies – acquainting herself with a former friend of the Late Princess Diana.

She explained how Meghan had got to know someone – named as Julia Samuel in Valentine Low’s new book Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown – who had been a huge help.

Samuel is a psychotherapist and counsellor and someone who, Low said, “would also, presumably, have been an ideal person to go to for help.”

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