Maniac brandishing bow and arrow hunted teenager in Aldi

A man brandishing a bow and arrow tried to kill a teenager in an Aldi supermarket.

Armed with a compound bow, two knives and three sledgehammers, Benjamin Jeremy Bourke hunted down the young girl “like an animal” in Booval, west Brisbane, Australia.

The vile 28-year-old pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of the teenager, who can’t be named for legal reasons, at Brisbane Supreme Court on Wednesday, April 26 and was jailed for 10 years and six months.

The sick attack unfolded on September 20, 2020, after Bourke reportedly decided he wanted police to shoot him.

Wearing a hoodie and mask, chilling CCTV shows Bourke making his way from the train station armed with the bow. 

Crown Prosecutor Matt Le Grand told the court that the assailant contemplated attacking a mother who was with her small child but decided to find someone else to attack.

The attacker was also spotted on CCTV shooting his bow at an Indigenous woman who was jogging but his arrow missed her. Mr Le Grand asserted that Bourke targeted the woman as he apparently “didn’t like Indigenous people”.

He eventually found his teenage victim locking up her bike outside the Aldi store. The Daily Mail reports that Bourke removed his mask and said: “I’ll let you see who I am first”, before shotting at the teen and missing her.

The frightened young girl sprinted in to the supermarket in a bid to escape her attacker as he fired off another arrow that grazed her arm.

Stalking the girl like an animal through the sore, Bourke shot at her again piercing her left hand, phone and upper torso and causing an injury to her fingers and chest.

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Managing to escape the line of fire, the girl showed her injuries to a customer with the arrow still lodged in her torso. Her attacker found her again and shot at her from behind but missed.

Before two men tackled the assailant to the ground and police arrived, he asked his victim for his arrow back but she refused.

The court was told that the entire incident lasted four to five minutes from the moment he chose the teenager to when he was thrown to the ground.

The court also heard that Bourke was a regular cannabis user and had also been diagnosed with mixed personality disorder.

And while Mr Le Grand said these health issues were a ‘contributing factor’ to his offending, Bourke was well aware of his actions and their consequences.

Justice Tom Sullivan sentenced Bourke to 10 years and six months in jail. The 946 days he’s already served in custody will be taken into account in his service.

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