Man killed after plane engine ‘ingested’ him in horrific ‘industrial accident’

A bloke working as a baggage handler was "ingested" by a plane engine in a horrifying "industrial accident" at an airport.

An accident at the facility in Alabama, United States, saw an airline ground crew member sucked up into the engine of a nearby plane that was parked up.

The National Transportation Safety Board confirmed that a man had died after being "ingested into the engine" of the aircraft, with an investigation subsequently opened into the incident.

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Montgomery Regional Airport was the scene of the horrific death, which saw an unnamed man thrown into a plane engine in an industrial accident.

A statement released by the airport at the time read: "Today around 3 pm an American Airlines ground crew piedmont employee was involved in a fatality, no additional information is available at this time.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the deceased."

Airport Executive Director Wade Davis also confirmed the tragic news with a statement of his own, noting he and the rest of the staff at the airport were "saddened" to hear of the "tragic loss".

Davis added: "We are saddened to hear about the tragic loss of a team member of the AA/piedmont Airlines.

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"Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time."

The airport is believed to have resumed regular operations at 8:30pm that same day, with passengers at the time being asked to check in with their flight providers for any updates or changes to their flight.

Last-minute changes were expected from the likes of American Airlines and Delta Airlines, two prominent businesses that often fly in and out of Montgomery Regional Airport.

Both the Office of Accident Investigation and Prevention and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the incident, Fox reported.

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