Man caught behind pony with his trousers down says ‘it’s not what it looks like’

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A man caught with his pants down in a pony’s stall, with the helpless animal tied up and smeared with sex lube, assured police that it “wasn’t what it looked like”.

Ottawa police and Ontario Provincial Police officers responded to reports of a break-in at a stables in Ottawa, Canada, just after 3am on January 5, 2019.

When they arrived, a court heard, Ryan Dodd was standing behind the animal, naked from the waist down., with his penis erect.

The miniature pony, whose name has not been revealed, had been tied up and lubed up with massage oil. Dodd, 30, told the arresting officers “I’m sorry, it’s not what it looks like”.

The officers instructed him to put his trousers on, reports the Ottawa Citizen. Dodd did so – unfortunately in such a rush that they were back-to-front.

“This is embarrassing,” Dodd said at the time.

Dodd admitted that he had been drinking and had taken cocaine before breaking into the stable.

His lawyers claimed in his trial that he had only broken into the barn to masturbate, citing a vagina-shaped sex toy that Dodd has in his pocket at the time of his arrest.

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But Ottawa Assistant Crown Attorney Tara Dobec successfully argued that the ropes around the pony’s neck and hind quarters were enough evidence to support prosecuting Dodd for attempted bestiality.

Police said that when they arrived at the stable the pony smelled strongly of scented body oil, and her hind quarters and in particular her vulva appeared shiny as if they had been coated with a lubricant.

A vet examined the pony and found no evidence of physical trauma to the pony’s vaginal area or rectum.

Swab tests revealed no semen in either orifice.

However, the vet noted a “copious oily, perfumed substance” on the rump and observed the pony’s vulva was unusually clean, as if it had been recently washed.

Dodd will be subjected to a sexual behaviour assessment while he awaits sentencing and is expected to appeal the case later this year.

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