Man, 69, dies at work after being attacked by Asian hornets on Spanish hillside

An elderly man has died after he was attacked by Asian hornets while working at ranch in the north-west of Spain.

Antonio Rodriguez Loureiro’s body was found at 9.30pm on Wednesday September 23 on a hillside close to Plaia de Caion.

The 69-year-old’s family raised the alarm after he failed to return home with his tractor.

Emergency services responded to the call and his corpse showed signs that he had been repeatedly stung.

Antonio was sadly pronounced dead at the scene and a post-mortem will be carried out to confirm the cause of his death.

Asian hornets are an “invasive species” of hornet, and are considered a threat to bees.

The creatures are known to rip off the heads of honeybees and eat them, ploughing through up to 80 of the creatures a day.

Allergic reactions to the insect have risen significantly in recent years, and the hornets are larger than a common wasp.

In Spain alone, there have been at least three deaths in 2020 from Asian hornet stings.

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The most recent, was in the province of Pontevedra, Galicia, in Spain, on 26 May 2020, a day after lockdown was eased.

Local authorities said the 73-year-old man, whose name has not been revealed, was walking with his wife when they were both stung.

A swarm of yellow-legged Asian hornets – closely related to so-called 'murder' hornets – is said to have descended on the couple.

Medics are said to have tried resuscitate him on the spot for at least 45 minutes but they could not save his life.

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