Longmont man faces 15 to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to four DUIs

A Longmont man is facing 15 to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to four more DUI counts on Friday, bringing his total to 12 DUI convictions in Boulder County.

Fermin Orozco-Diaz, 58, also entered a guilty plea to a count of leaving the scene of an accident and was ordered to pay restitution.

Orozco-Diaz is currently being held on bonds totaling $2.75 million and is set for sentencing on Oct. 27.

According to the release, on Sept. 3, Orozco-Diaz crashed his Ford Ranger into a food truck at 250 Third Ave. before fleeing the scene on foot. When apprehended, Orozco-Diaz had a blood alcohol concentration of .237. He had eight prior convictions for DUI since 2001.

In December, Orozco-Diaz was cited for three more DUIs, two of which were committed while he was on bond.

On Dec. 29, Orozco-Diaz was apprehended on suspicion of his 12th DUI after being found passed out in his car with a duffel bag full of clothes, his passport and $5,386, which gave police the appearance that he was preparing to leave Boulder County, according to the release.

In December, Longmont police and the District Attorney’s Office asked for high bonds and submitted motions for bond revocations in response to the new DUI charge.

“This defendant represented a real danger to our community because of the choice he repeatedly made to drive while completely drunk,” Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty stated. “I appreciate the dedication of the Longmont Police Department and our prosecution team in recognizing that this defendant must be held accountable for his conduct, his criminal history, and the risks that he presented to everyone on our roads. The lengthy prison sentence he faces is certainly appropriate under these circumstances.”

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