London, Ont. announces task forces to help businesses, vulnerable during COVID-19 pandemic

The City of London is launching two task forces to help local businesses and the city’s most vulnerable.

On Thursday, Mayor Ed Holder announced the creation of the Mayor’s Economic Impact and Recovery Task Force, along with the Mayor’s Social Impact and Recovery Task Force, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“While both groups have separate areas of focus, they share a common objective,” Mayor Holder said.

“We need to understand and hear, first hand, the impact of COVID-19 on key stakeholders in our community so as to identify concrete actions that can be taken by Londoners and London organizations, and, when necessary, communicate those needs to other orders of government.”

The Mayor’s Economic Impact and Recovery Task Force will work to address the economic impact on local businesses, residents, organizations.

The task force will work directly with London’s business and industry leaders and organizations to understand the challenges they face in light of COVID-19.

“We’ve seen, already, the significant strain this has had on London businesses and workers from a financial perspective,” said Deputy Mayor Helmer.

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