Lipreader spots stinging seven words at Meghan Markle’s final royal engagement

Meghan Markle was spotted celebrating her birthday with Prince Harry last night at a restaurant near their home in Los Angeles.

It has been three years since the couple stepped down as senior royals and they have moved on to build their new life in US and devoted their attention to to Archie and Lilibet.

But as the Duchess turns 42 today, let's take a look back at her final royal engagement when she and Harry signalled that things weren't going so swimmingly for them in the UK.

The couple even showed signs of awkwardness with Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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The interaction between the "Fab Four" was caught on camera when they attended the Commonwealth Service in March, 2020.

Harry and Meghan sat down in the second row along with Prince Edward and Sophie, then Countess of Wessex.

As William and Kate walked up to take their seats and according to lip-reading pro Jeremy Freeman, Harry made a remark to Meghan.

Kate acknowledged Meghan, who replied with a smile before saying: "Hi."

Meghan then joined Harry and they turned to William and say: "Hello."

Jeremy then believes the ginger prince made a scathing remark to Meghan, as he appeared to say: "At least they acknowledged unlike last time."

And as William and Kate sat down and he apparently whispered: "That was executed well."

Though the four of them were seen smiling in one last show of unity, there was no performance of fond rapport.

Body language expert Judi James also told Daily Star that Meghan's smile "vanished quickly".

She said: "Meghan appears to make an effort to produce a warm, friendly smile and brow-shrug of active greeting and it’s probably the way that smile vanishes quickly that suggests it might not have been reciprocated.

"The contrast with Sophie and Edward’s greetings and animated chatting is emphatic and it does look for all the world as though this couple have been positioned in the role of ice-breakers to chat to the Sussex’s and the Cambridge’s to help avoid any obvious frostiness."

Meghan and Harry recently appeared in a Youth Power Fund video to congratulate the winners in a surprise phone call.

The couple put their troubles behind them and looked loved up on camera as one royal expert called it a show of "comeback".

"This is exactly why we do what we do," Harry says at one point in the clip.

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