King Charles banned food list including one ‘disgusting’ item he refuses to eat

King Charles III's strange list of banned food items has been revealed, and it shows just how fussy an eater the new monarch is.

His particular taste in meals saw the complete blanket ban of one particularly "disgusting" item that the King refuses to eat, as well as a simple favourite of the newly ascended monarch.

Specific requests were made as to where ingredients were sourced, with one royal commentator saying that "foodie" King Charles implemented a policy that banned his chef's from buying a key ingredient.

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A blanket ban on foie gras was issued, while other strict limitations were set on where mushrooms could be sourced.

Speaking on the rather unique menu items, Russell Myers said that the King enjoyed a simple "boiled egg" as his favourite food, but had some ideal meals that went beyond.

Myers said: "However, his ideal meal is wild mushroom risotto with organic lamb. But the mushrooms obviously must be foraged from his own estate."

The specifics over mushroom foraging were confirmed by former Royal chef Darren McGrady, who recalled the collecting of said mushrooms from Balmoral.

Chef McGrady said: "He loves wild mushrooms and would take his chefs to Balmoral to show them where the best mushrooms are. We brought them back to Buckingham Palace and they were the most amazing porcini mushrooms."

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Favourite dishes of the King also include lamb or mutton, which Mr McGrady says he "cooked a lot at Buckingham Palace" as the then Prince of Wales was a "big fan of lamb" and a "foodie".

But foie gras, the animal product usually sourced from duck or goose after they are overfed to enlarge their liver, is of no interest to King Charles III.

Speaking on the King's distaste for foie gras back in 2008, Andrew Farquharson said: "The Prince of Wales has a policy that his chefs should not buy foie gras, Daily Express reported.

"His Royal Highness was not aware that the House of Cheese sells foie gras and this will be addressed when their warrant is reviewed."

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