Kim Jong-un ‘alive and well’ claim REJECTED – ‘Broken pattern’ shows ‘something is wrong’

Kim Jong-un was rumoured to be dead last weekend from multiple sources. However, this has not been confirmed by North Korea or any intelligence agencies. A top security adviser to South Korea’s President, Moon Jae, claimed the North’s dictator was “alive and well” earlier this week.

Asia analyst Gordon Chang rejected these remarks and insisted that something was “wrong” in North Korea.

While speaking to Fox News, he argued that Kim Jong-un’s nation operates on strict patterns that are rarely broken.

He claimed that any break from these patterns was a cause for concern and an indication that something had happened.

Mr Chang said: “We know that something is wrong.

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“We know that he did not show up for the April 15th Day of the Sun celebration.

“This is the celebration that commemorates the birth of regime founder Kim Il-sung, his grandfather.

“Kim has not missed any Day of the Sun celebrations.

“Also he was a no show on Saturday for a celebration to mark the founding of the Korean People’s Army.”

Mr Chang also explained why he was sceptical of South Korea’s assessment of Kim Jong-un’s health.

He said: “This is a pattern which is broken which means that something really is wrong.

“I don’t think the South Korean Government is right when they say he is alive and well.

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“He very may be alive, but the well part of it is, I think, subject to question.

“This is largely because this regime acts in patterns and when these patterns are broken we know something has occurred.”

Vice director of HKRSTV Hong Kong Satellite Television, Shijan Xingzou, said a very solid source told her the North Korean leader had died.

Japanese weekly magazine Shukan Gendai said the dictator was not yet dead but in a vegetative state and would not recover.

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