Joe Biden gets stuck in traffic outside Pret en route to Queens funeral

US President Joe Biden's £1.3 million armoured limousine came to a grinding halt outside a Pret coffee shop as he made his way to the Queen's funeral at Westminster Abbey.

The funeral will be viewed by an estimated 4.1billion people on TV at home with up to 2million people on the streets of London and Windsor.

Members of the public spotted Mr Biden in his infamous 'The Beast' vehicle on the streets of central London as his motorcade headed towards Westminster Abbey.

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He was met with thousands of crowds who were waving and taking pictures when the motorcade got stuck in traffic.

In the video shared on social media, the 79-year-old puts on a pair of sunglasses and waves back to the public just as The Beast makes a turn past a Pret coffee shop at Marble Arch.

Met Police officers can be seen guarding the route and stopping any members of the public from getting near to the motorcade.

Joe Armitage, who posted the footage, said: "American President comes to a standstill in London traffic near Marble Arch.

"Might as well have taken the bus."

The 18-foot custom-made Cadillac, known as "The Beast", has reinforced 8-inch steel walls – making its doors as heavy as a Boeing 757.

The Bond-style vehicle is also equipped with different weapons including pump-action shotguns, rocket-powered grenades, night vision equipment, and tear gas grenades.

The interior can be sealed in the event of a chemical attack and The Beast’s tires can carry on for miles – even if they’re flat.

The "46" number plate marks the US's 46th presidency, the car is capable to stop a .44 magnum bullet thanks to the five-inch thick windows.

Mr Biden and other world leaders, as well as top foreign dignitaries, spent yesterday at Buckingham Palace to pay their respects to King Charles ahead of the Queen's funeral – in what was described by some as the "reception of the century".


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