Jason Crow vs. Steven Monahan Endorsement: Vote Crow in CD6

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It does not surprise us that Rep. Jason Crow has proved to be one of the most bipartisan members of Congress in his four years serving Colorado’s 6th Congressional District.

Crow is a no-nonsense pragmatist who more often than not engages with Republican co-lead sponsors on bills and has had nine pieces of legislation signed into law, often by being absorbed into larger packages that passed through the House and Senate.

We recommend that voters in the backwards “C” shaped district that curves around the east Denver-metro suburbs give Crow another two-year term to serve their district.

The Democrat has important things at work, including working behind the scenes to get the Department of Defense to reconsider locating Space Command away from the heart of the Space Force. Additionally, Crow is smartly working on getting the Space Force its own designation within the National Guard so that members of the military already serving as Space Force reserve will be properly aligned within the new unit.

Crow says this small fix – which he estimates will only cost around $40,000 – will go a long way to helping to establish the Space Force as a co-equal among other branches of the military. Because Crow served as an Army Ranger in Iraq and Afghanistan, he understands how best to advocate for the military base in his district. We also sleep better in this time of war and terror knowing that Crow is looking out for America on the Armed Services Committee and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Facing Crow on the ballot in the 6th Congressional District is Steve Monahan, who also served America in the U.S. Navy twice enlisting to serve, and becoming a Navy pilot who flew missions in the Middle East.

Monahan is a thoughtful individual who we hope will go on to have a successful political career if he does not win in November. Monahan told The Denver Post that his top priority is “safety in our streets.” He said he will move the House seat away from soft-on-crime rhetoric and policies. We think his voice on that issue would be better in a local or state office than at the federal level.

“We need a more honest conversation about what’s happening at the border. The drug cartels are running the border right now,” Monahan said, pointing to how gang violence, crime, and drugs are all related.

But Crow is pretty hard to assail when it comes to his advocacy for common sense immigration reform – Crow has been at odds with both the Republican and Democratic presidential administrations he has served with on matters of immigration.

Crow wants what most Americans want – a secure border with a big door for immigrants and asylum seekers to legally enter the U.S. He wants to give citizenship to law-abiding residents who were brought to America as children outside of the legal immigration system and a path to a legal status for the millions of people here without proper documentation and without a criminal record.

It is refreshing to see so little light between the immigration reform policies of the candidates in this race. They are both advocating for a compromise bill that will finally move America forward.

It gives The Denver Post editorial board hope that Republicans and Democrats could finally come together after decades of failure to address this country’s basic immigration and border needs.

Crow’s optimism is limited on that issue, and he now suggests that the only way to get immigration reform through the U.S. Senate is to eliminate the filibuster. We aren’t sure we are there yet; we’d prefer changes to be made to the filibuster process, but Crow makes a compelling argument that eliminating the archaic 60-vote requirement is one way to ensure the House and Senate pass protections for women’s right to obtain an abortion when lawmakers return after the election.

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