Inside abandoned brothel with ‘naughty boys room’ two years after owners moved

An abandoned brothel that was once given nationwide exposure on TV has been left empty two years after the owners left.

City Sauna in Sheffield was featured in ITV’s A Very Yorkshire Brothel and Channel 4’s A Very British Brothel but has since moved premises in late 2019.

The now infamous location in the Attercliffe region of the city has been left abandoned ever since with condoms, dirty mattresses and a large container of HP sauce.

Urban explorers Lost Places & Forgotten Faces ventured into the derelict property to reveal sights and smells of the former ‘massage parlour’, which had been going since the mid 1980s.

They published a series of photos on Facebook describing their experiences of entering the brothel, which was once a pub called The Norfolk Arms, for the first time.

Lost Places & Forgotten Faces wrote: “I quickly got an idea of what went on here, with old condoms in the showers, stained mattresses. You name it, this place was as seedy as it gets!

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“One of the rooms had a very peculiar odour which must have been lingering for years. Sort of a mixture of urine and sweat. Not pleasant at all.”

City Sauna is owned by mother and daughter team Kath and Jenni Clark and is still in operation down the road from the original premises, which are both in an established sex zone in the city.

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The documentary reportedly brought millions of eyes on the brothel as it discussed the kinks of its clientele.

One customer brought tins of 69p custard for one of the working girls to use in the jacuzzi in the VIP suite.

While one of the most popular fetishes requested from punters is to be mothered as giant babies wearing full-length babygrows.

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Another working girl also revealed a rather odd request for a customer to watch her eat three pizzas and then have their belly measured.

The more normal requests included having staff sit in underwear while the client enjoyed a chat and a cigarette.

The show also showed the introduction of ‘glory holes’ as a way of improving the customer experience.

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The documentary revealed that some of their employees have sex with up to 15 men a day.

City Sauna currently advertise themselves as a place to “treat yourself this season by fulfilling your wildest fantasies!” and say they are always looking for new workers.

They are doing a Black Friday and Cyber Monday with a buy one get one free offer for customers.

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