‘I watched bright red UFO hover above houses before dripping molten lava’

A recent spate of cattle mutilations in west Wales initially been blamed on a big cat were in fact caused by extraterrestrials, claims Aeron Valley UFO-spotter Helena Worth.

Helena told Cambrian News about a bizarre sighting she made early one morning in 2018, when she was letting her dog out for its morning walk.

She saw a bright light in the sky, around ¾ of a mile away she guessed, and thought at first that it must be a house fire.

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But then the light began to move: “It was circular, like a sphere, and it was hovering until it started to move to the west very slowly but in a straight-line trajectory.”

The object was moving quite slowly in an easterly direction, Helena said, averaging no more than 30mph.

“And as it was moving to the east it started dripping,” Helena added, “like molten lava was dripping down from it.

“And just before it went out of sight, the craft turned a bright red colour and disappeared behind the trees.”

Helena, 41, said she had kept her experience fairly quiet at first but now, she says, she’s “reaching an age where I don’t really give a crap what people think anymore”.

“I’ve been interested in UFO-logy since a very young age,” Helena said. “I’m very passionate about it."

Most UFO sightings are easily explained as misidentifications of stars, planets or aircraft, but Helena is an avid sky watcher, and over the years she’s got to know "what was normal and what wasn’t”.

She’s confident that whatever was, it couldn’t have been a satellite because it changed direction, and other common explanations such as lightning and meteors could also be ruled out.

“So, in my mind I know it was something very, very unusual and if I were to take a guess it would be an extra-terrestrial craft,” she said.

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