‘I was made into a sex doll unknowingly but I’m flattered people think I’m hot’

A woman who was shocked to discover she had been turned into a sex doll without her permission said she was "flattered" they chose to use her likeness.

Israeli model Yael Cohen Aris, 26, was the victim of a bizarre privacy incident that saw the doll allegedly named and modelled after her, as well as footage of her used to promote the product.

Yael, who has over 1.5 million followers, was informed by one of her Instagram followers a Chinese company had made a sex doll that looked just like her.

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Speaking on This Morning last year, she explained how despite the obvious issues, she tried to see a positive.

“In everything that happens, I always try to see the bright side," she said.

“They did it without my consent, they use it for commercial use, it’s a sex doll – all these crazy things – but it does mean people find me attractive, so I guess I chose to see it as flattering.

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“Everybody likes to feel attractive. They just took me – a random girl from Israel.”

She had no issues with the sex doll industry or the company that made it at all – what she was frustrated by was that she hadn’t been asked about it.

“The problem here is they did it without my consent, without my knowledge," she said.

“It’s double wrong because it’s connected to my identity. It’s not just a doll that looks like me – they never hid the fact it’s a doll from me."

Appearing on the morning favourite, Yael discussed with hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield how the issue was a terrifying possible privacy issue.

But Yael felt that the best outcome of the situation was that people learned “a lesson” from the incident about privacy online.

She said: “I think learning a lesson is the best thing to come out of this story – just to try to bring a real conversation about our privacy if we want to share ourselves online.

“It should get off the shelves,” she said. “Maybe we can talk once that happens.”

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