Horror as Russians capture British anti-tank weapon – soldiers gloat over deadly device

Russian state TV claims to find an MBT LAW

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The gloating reporter flaunts one of the 2,000 Next Generation Light Anti-tank Weapon (NLAW) the British Army gave to their Ukrainian counterparts shortly before it invaded the Eastern European country. They can be launched from the shoulder and have been credited for destroying numerous Russian military vehicles which have been used to invade the country.

Speaking in the House of Commons today, Armed Forces Minister James Heappey said they had “already proven to be invaluable” in the two-day-old conflict.

An unknown number of the single-use “fire-and-forget” weapons have already been used but this is the first footage of an undischarged one that has emerged.

Account Rob Lee shared a video of the reporter and wrote: “Russia’s NTV says a British NLAW provided to Ukraine has been captured.”

Olegi21 tweeted: “The fact that their biggest win so far is capturing an anti-tank missile should tell you how well the Russian campaign in Ukraine is going.”

Last month, a consignment of the weapons, developed by the UK and Sweden, were dispatched to Ukraine.

There were accompanied by a small number of UK troops who trained the Ukrainian armed forces to operate them.

They were among numerous lethal weapons that countries including the US have given to Ukraine in recent weeks.

And it appears that they have already played a crucial role in slowing the Russian Army’s advance.

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Mr Heappey said the Government was “aware of the number of circumstances” in which the anti-tank missiles “have been used to defeat Russian armour, and we are therefore very aware of their utility, both in open battle during the initial phase of the conflict, but also in the urban domain in any resistance or insurgency that might follow”.

He added: “Suffice to say, we are pretty certain that in the Kremlin last night there will have been some pretty urgent reflections on the speed of the advance compared to what they anticipated.

“I think that Russian people should be calling President Putin and the kleptocracy that surrounds him out on that, because young Russian men and women are being sacrificed in the name of President Putin’s hubris.”

Shadow Defence Secretary John Healey asked whether the UK will provide Ukraine with further short-range handheld anti-tank missiles.

Mr Healey added: “He knows that the Ukrainians need more of these urgently to defend Kyiv and their other cities.

“So, can he confirm that he is willing to go that bit further?

“We’ve taken peace and security in Europe for granted since the end of the Cold War. We can no longer do that.

“I fear that we will be dealing with the consequences of this Russian invasion now for years to come.”

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