Homeowner vows to find ‘rude’ dog walker leaving poo in bin with crude sign

A furious homeowner has vowed to find a cheeky dog walker who dumped poo in her wheelie bin.

A passer-by spotted the crude warning, which branded the dog walker a 'b****' while taking a stroll through Sydney's inner-west and posted a picture of it on Reddit.

The aggressive note urged the pet owner to use public bins for waste and not in their private bin.

The sign reads: "Will find out who you are throwing your dog s*** in my rubbish.

"Shame on you, take to your home rude b****."

Following the upload onto the platform, the controversial note sparked a divide with some users believing it is better to dump waste in a private bin than leaving it on a footpath.

But others thought it was out of line for the dog walker to cause a stink outside of somebody else's home by dumping the waste without permission, reports Daily Mail.

One person wrote: "I'd rather it in the bin than left on the footpath but I can understand some people get annoyed by this."

While another commented: "True, but it sucks to have to smell someone else's dogs*** when I am putting things in my bin. First world problems."

A third person was left flabbergasted by the cheeky dog walker and said the waste dumping was "definitely rude".

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They said: "Serious? It's definitely rude. I have a dog and make sure to carry it to a public lined bin."

Another user went on to say that the recent heat that has swept Australia, would contribute to the overall smell of the bin.

"It's summer, and that shit festers in the heat," they commented.

"If you're not a dog owner yourself, each time the lid is opened, the smell slaps you pretty hard across the face."

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