HIV-positive thug sank teeth into screaming girl’s face drawing blood

An HIV-positive thug drew blood from a girl after biting into her face as she passed him on a high street.

James Gichigi, 54, launched a "terrifying and nasty" attack on a girl who later had to wait on test results in case she contracted the disease.

The traumatised victim was put on emergency medication after police informed her of Gichigi's HIV which fortunately he did not pass on to her.

KentOnline reports the attacker was jailed for four years and seven months on Friday after a handful of violent offences.

Canterbury Crown Court heard Gichigi was drunk in the early hours of the morning when he aggressively approached his victim and her friend in April 2019 on St George’s Street, Canterbury, Kent.

He grabbed the pair, kissed one on the forehead and gripped the other girl tightly in a bear hug until she screamed for help when he sank his teeth into her and spewed abuse.

Barrister Liam Gatward said: "The difficulty for her is that he is HIV positive."

The victim told police that Gichigi's assault reminded her of a previous attack.

She said soon after the crime: "I have previously been sexually assaulted, and the way he grabbed me brought the trauma back up.

"I’m now worried I might have contracted the disease."

Judge Rupert Lowe described Gichigi's unwanted advances as "terrifying and nasty" which left the girl "extremely worried" she had contracted HIV.

He added: "That was a really nasty and terrifying thing to do to a young woman at night; really the worst sort of nightmare for a young woman to have to go through in the street, which she will never forget.

"What made these offences particularly serious is you were, and you knew you were, HIV positive, and later these two young ladies had to be informed you were HIV positive.

"Your victim was extremely worried because you had drawn blood from her cheek after biting her hard with your teeth.

"And she had to go to the doctor and receive emergency medication in case there was transmission, which caused her significant worry."

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