Hidden Coronation moments royals didnt want you to see – including sad Harry

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  • The world's eyes were trained on Westminster Abbey yesterday, May 6, as King Charles was officially crowned.

    The day went without any real hitch, but there were several moments that the Royal Family would rather the public didn't see, not least the king proclaiming he was "bored" at his own Coronation.

    That's according to lip reader Jeremy Freeman, who told the Star that Charles' frustration got the better of him as he and Queen Camilla sat in their carriage outside the Abbey.

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    Picking up a moment showing an apparently frustrated Charles, he supposedly said: "We can never be on time.

    "There's always something… this is boring."

    It wasn't the only revealing moment Jeremy picked up on.

    As the king and other royals took to the balcony of Buckingham Palace after the ceremony at the Abbey, among the waves and cheers you can see Charles mutter something in the general direction of his queen.

    Freeman told the Daily Star the monarch said: "I shall be glad when it's all over."

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    Perhaps he was rattled by the moment the Archbishop of Canterbury took an age to get the crown onto his head during his crowning moment, or perhaps he was still shaky at the sight of the "grim reaper".

    Reluctant royal and former rugby pro Mike Tindall has no such excuse, as he was reportedly seen was out drinking with Princess Anne’s daughter Zara until around 2am, just hours before the Coronation kicked off.

    He was snapped staring upwards into the Abbey’s grand ceilings as he sat with Zara, 41, two rows behind Prince William and Princess Kate.

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    The couple enjoyed a large meal at Oswald’s in Mayfair with other senior members of the Royal Family and headed to the private members' venue The Arts Club afterwards for several night caps.

    A witness said the Tindalls were “stumbling in the street while taking in all the Coronation bunting before getting into a taxi home”.

    One of the biggest caveats to the whole day was Prince Harry's return to the UK to be among his family after slaughtering them in his book Spare.

    Harry had all but been relegated to the background of his father's big day, finding himself on the third row.

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    Body language expert Darren Stanton, representing Betfair Bingo, said Harry "showed signs of pride towards his father," but another expert said he "fixed his gaze" on his aunt the Princess Royal Anne in the row ahead of him because he was "nervous".

    Harry later admitted he was "sad" in a revealing chat during the Coronation, before quickly jetting off home.

    Princess Eugenie's husband, Jack Brooksbank, was spotted asking Prince Harry of a "meeting" to which he replied: "It's sad. I'm fed up, I've tried talking to him."

    During the Coronation, Harry did not appear to have an exchange with his brother William.

    In exclusive body language analysis for the Daily Star, Adrianne Carter – known as the Face Whisperer – revealed the day was tough for the Princess of Wales, too.

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    The "stressed" princess was left managing her two "fidgeting and bored" children on the side-lines.

    Kate wasn't exactly getting bucket loads of parental support from William either.

    "Kate seems a lot more aware of the children than William," Carter claimed.

    And while the nation was jubilant at the crowning of the new king, perhaps his own "rueful expression" when he had to sign a declaration, alongside Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Wellby, summed up his feelings on the day.

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    Mirroring his famous outburst when signing the guest book at Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland when his pen began to leak, King Charles' pen frustrations came to fruition again as he could not hide his unhappiness.

    Adrianne Carter said: “More Pengate as the King signs, we see him pull a few rueful expressions as if he's not happy with the pen or ink.”

    But whatever happened, boozy Brits got on the pints to welcome in the new king the way they know best.

    The pubs around the king’s Coronation procession route from The Mall to Westminster Abbey were choc-a-block during the crowing and the industry is to experience a huge uptick as Brits continue to celebrate.

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