Hero throws himself in front of deadly snake to save daughter

A father has been hailed as a hero after throwing himself in front of an eastern brown snake that had lunged at his two-year-old daughter. Dad Jake Coombe saved his daughter from the deadly snake but suffered a bite himself. 

According to a study, eastern brown snakes are responsible for the majority of snake bite fatalities in Australia, accounting for 60 percent of them

According to LadBible, a 55-year-old lady died after being bitten by this species of snake in November 2022.

Jake explained that he had just returned home from a family outing when he realized something was wrong.

He searched the area where his daughter was playing and noted that the garage door was still open.

Jake suddenly noticed the highly venomous snake moments before it lunged at his daughter.

He quickly rushed towards Alba and pulled her into his arms, getting bitten on the foot in the process.

Fortunately, the snake did not release venom, which is called a “dry bite,” and the heroic father spent the night in the hospital as a precautionary measure.

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Jake understandably wonders what would have occurred if he had arrived a split second later.

He told The Messenger: “Maybe it would have been a different story if Alba got to it – she could have picked it up and wouldn’t have got away so quickly.

“Better me than her, that’s for sure.”

Authorities have warned residents to maintain a high level of caution for snakes because it is believed that the snake was attempting to flee from extreme flooding along the near by Murray River.

When necessary, the snakes can shrink to half their height and flatten themselves so they can slither under doorways.

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