Hero cat saves boy from vicious dog mauling in incredible footage

A hero cat has saved a young boy who was attacked by a stray dog on the street.

Heartstopping CCTV footage taken at a neighbourhood in Brazil shows the boy standing near a brick wall, while a black mongrel fights with a small cat near a grey car.

He then picks up a stone on the ground and throws it at the pooch, who launches an attack and jumps on him.

While the boy is crying for help, a black and white cat comes to his rescue.

It runs across the street and leaps on the canine, distracting it from the boy.

The dog quickly turns around and chases after the feline.

Luckily, the cat manages to escape when an adult appears turns up.

The incident happened on July 10 but the footage has only recently been released.

Viewers praised the cat for saving the boy, but also said he shouldn't have thrown stones at animals.

One commented: "That cat is awesome. Put itself in harm's way to save another!"

"Cats are underrated as pets, everyone calls them a**holes but they actually care about us," a second wrote.

In 2014, a cat became an internet sensation after saving her four-year-old owner Jeremy Triantafilo at the driveway outside their home in California, the US.

Tara the tabby famously fought off a Labrador-Chow mix with a karate kick and was even honoured by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in LA with the shelter's annual Hero Dog award.

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