Heartbreak as four-month-old baby dies of coronavirus from ‘family transmission’

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The baby, who has become the first person under the age of 10 to die in her country, had a very serious underlying health condition. Authorities in Portugal announced the girl had serious congenital heart disease. The little baby tragically died in Lisbon after developing further complications brought on by coronavirus.

The director-general of the health service, Graca Freitas, announced the little girl had a very serious underlying health condition.

She added: “She was born with very severe congenital heart disease.

“The COVID situation led to the worsening of this pathology and the appearance of a cardiac consequence called myocarditis.”

Myocarditis is an inflammation of the myocardial muscle tissue.

The actual cause of death of the baby girl was by septic shock which was brought about by coronavirus.

Doctor Freitas said the death was officially “reported as being caused by COVID-19”.

This is in accordance with standards laid out by the World Health Organization.

Many health care professionals across the world are pointing to the risks of opening schools again due to the cases of young people dying of coronavirus.

This week a six-year-old girl became the youngest person to die from coronavirus complications in Florida.

Eight minors in Florida have died from coronavirus, according to the latest health records.

Current statistics suggest that children are at extremely low risk of becoming ill from the virus themselves.

Adults are far more likely to be seriously ill and die from complications.

A UK study of more than 55,000 hospitalised coronavirus patients found that only 0.8 percent were under the age of 19.

More than three-quarters of all the people with confirmed coronavirus in the UK were 50 or older as of 31 July.

Fewer than 10 percent were younger than 40.

In extremely rare cases children may develop an inflammatory syndrome similar to Kawasaki disease when they come into contact with coronavirus.

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