Great white charging at camera baring teeth shows what being eaten by ones like

This is the heart-pounding moment a ginormous great white shark swam directly at a camera with its jaws wide open.

Photographer and filmmaker Euan Rannachan, 36, has a knack for shooting the ocean predators but his latest clip shows what it's like to become the meal with a terrifying close-up shot.

The video, filmed on the volcanic Guadalupe island which is roughly 125 miles off the coast of mainland Mexico, shows a rope being dropped into the sea with a camera attached near the top.

But at the bottom, a piece of tuna is seen swinging around as a shark lurks in the shadows around it.

Just moments later, it lunges toward the fish and engulfs the bait in its mouth while showing off its razor-sharp teeth and thrashing around in an attempt to pull the fish from the dangling rope.

Ripping the dish from the rope, it then swims off with the meal.

Euan was unable to identify the shark, which he claims was a male but it's believed it was a great white shark.

He said: "I saw it one time just before this at the surface, but judging by how comfortable this shark was going for the bait line and also with other sharks around it led me to believe it knew what it was doing, and we have probably seen him before."

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Euan shared the video on Instagram, (@Euanart), where it has racked up more than 5,451 views and plenty of comments from stunned social media users.

"Dude this is so amazing," wrote one user, followed by clapping emojis.

"You're pretty ballsy for putting your camera so close to shark bait but loving that it has been working out great so far!," wrote another person.

Someone else commented: "Oooohhhhhh Euan…amazing!"

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"The bite video! You killed it with that one, this video is awesome," said someone else.

Another person said: "Amazing!" followed by a heart emoji.

The 36-year-old claims he has always had a fascination with sharks and enjoys being out on the sea filming them.

He said: "At times it can be very exciting, but also it's really hard to describe just how peaceful they can be.

"I am always in awe of them and humbled each time I get in the water. This time, we had around 15 individual sharks come up to the boat."

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