Funeral moments royals didnt want you to see – Harry regret to shaky Camilla

With all the Royal Family – apart from young Prince Louis – in attendance at the Queen's funeral today (Monday, September 19), there were several moments ranging from the cute to the heart-breaking that may have gone unnoticed.

Here, the Daily Star rounds up all of those key moments and summarises what experts reckon they say about the royals on today's historic day.

'Prince George heartbreakingly sad tells'

Prince William and Kate Middleton's children captured lots of the attention at this morning's service in Westminster Abbey and have been praised for showing maturity beyond their years.

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When Charlotte, seven, stepped out outside the Abbey this morning she was spotted chatting to a member of clergy.

Lip reading expert Jeremy Freeman told us what he thought she said: "Pleasured to meet you."

George was equally polite and said "good morning" as his mother introduced him to the clergyman.

Discussing their entrance to the service, body language expert Adrianne Carter (the Face Whisperer) claimed the children were "not scared".

She told us: "First glimpses of George and Charlotte and they seem relaxed and not too strained at all.

"Kate does keep a watchful eye on the children as they exit the car.

"We see Charlotte move back to let George take the lead.

"They do show maturity but not a heavy weight on them. They look like they are well prepared but not scared of their roles today."

Judi James, another body language expert, agreed but noted how George looked "heartbreakingly sad" as the family followed the coffin procession into Westminster Abbey.

She told The Sun: "Prince George walked beside his father and, despite some glances thrown from William down to his son, George’s upright posture suggested he needed little in the way of reassurance and it was the expression he threw up at his father that looked more like a warm smile of concern to check he was ok.

"His eye expression as they followed the coffin in looked heartbreakingly sad and he was seen to wipe at his eyes during the start of the service but there were no signs that he prompted any expressions of concern from William."

'Camilla's stern word over playful Charlotte'

However, not everyone was pleased with George and Charlotte's behaviour at all times today.

As the royal entourage were lining up to join the King following this morning's service, lip reader Freeman spotted the moment George appeared to pinch his sister, who replied with a stare and a "ow!".

The exchange appeared to annoy the Queen Consort who frowned and pointed at Charlotte before turning to Kate and saying "take her", according to Freeman.

The moment was captured on live TV, with one viewer writing on Twitter: "Looks like Prince George and Princess Charlotte have a small disagreement. Look at the Queen Consort , Camilla."

There were also concerns for the Queen Consort, with several people pointing out how she appeared to be "shaking" during the service itself.

Carter told us: "There’s definitely something going on with Camilla’s health.

"On the close up we see her slightly shaking. She also looks exhausted.

"She looked like her eyes were closing from tiredness."

'Harry's palpable sadness and regret'

As expected, there was plenty to say about the interactions (or lack thereof) between two two couples once dubbed "the Fab Four".

Several images from before and after the funeral showed Meghan Markle and the Princess of Wales standing close to each other but not interacting.

Carter told us: "A funeral is the ideal occasion to keep to yourself so there’s no need for Meghan and Kate to interact which seems to suit them."

However, this was not the case for Prince Harry who was seen glancing over at his brother on several occasions which, according to James, hinted that he wanted a bigger role in proceedings.

She told The Sun: "During the service he [Harry] was dabbing tears as well as tending to look around a lot and there were at least two occasions when his gaze that was more of a stare appeared directed at William.

"His expression suggested sadness and possible regret."

James also noted how words passed between Harry and Meghan throughout the service itself, which "looked as though she was consoling him in his grief and distress".

“She was clearly tuned into him in terms of being supportive, turning her head in his direction several times when he moved," she said.

'Andrew's exaggerated sorrowful face'

There have been a lot of eyes on Prince Andrew in recent days as the Duke of York appeared prominently in the public eye for the first time since he stepped back from working royal duties.

He appeared clenching his face as if desperately trying to hold back tears while marching behind his mother's coffin today, but Carter wasn't buying it.

She told us: "Andrew [is] pulling an exaggerated sorrowful face it looks to me.

"Looks like he wants to show the world how much he’s affected."


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