Fred West claims to pray next to body of murdered daughter in foul police tape

Fred West told police he would "pray" next to the corpse of the daughter he murdered and buried under the patio in his own Gloucester home.

In unearthed police tapes, released with a new Channel 5 documentary, the serial killer tells detectives he would visit the grave of Heather West and will her to "come up".

He says: "I spent more time standing in that garden by her than I'd like to think.

"And I used toilet go out there and stand and send prayers by her I mean, I mean I used to actually tell her to rise and come up.

"That's a secret I've kept to myself for eight years. I never told anybody."

Heather was murdered by Fred and Rose when she was just 16 after years of physical and sexual abuse.

In the new documentary, Fred and Rose West: The Search for the Victims, the manipulative killer is initially heard in police tapes trying to trick detectives that Heather is still alive.

He claims his daughter is living in Bahrain in the Middle East and working for a "drugs cartel" as he tried to remove suspicion from himself and Rose.

Fred murdered at least 12 people between 1968 and 1987 and the killings had a sexual motive, with the victims being tortured and raped.

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At first, he tried to protect Rose and claimed she had no part in any of the killings but his story fell through.

He took his own life awaiting trial for the murders on January 1, 1995.

Rose West, 67, remains in prison after being convicted of 10 out of the 12 murders at her and Fred's home in Cromwell Street.

Her former lawyer has claimed she may reveal the truth about her part in the unspeakable crimes if she gets dementia.

Fred and Rose West: The Search for the Victims will air on June 7 and 8 on Channel 5 at 9pm

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