Family nicknamed The Sopranos stole £700k of cars and livestreamed it online

A crime family who called themselves "The Sopranos" stole £700,000 worth of cars and bragged about it on Facebook, prosecutors in the US say.

The group of 11 people – including one bloke with a Nike tattoo on his forehead – is even accused of live-streaming their antics online.

They allegedly hotwired Kias and Hyundais, working as a team with designated lookouts and getaway drivers, reports the New York Post.

Prosecutors say they worked in pairs to target the vehicles, and as one of the team broke the ignition lock and started the engine with a screwdriver, another would get ready to speed off.

They also stuck different license plates on to hide the stolen vehicles, officials added.

But unlike the criminal gang they based their name on, the family did not stick to an omertà with a code of silence over their crimes.

Instead, they tried to plan the thefts and sell the stolen goods on Facebook.

A jury in Denver, Colorado heard how the group would also use credit cards found in the stolen cars to buy property and gift cards.

The family, made up of men and women aged between 21 and 42, used the money to fuel their addiction to fentanyl, heroin and methamphetamine.

Denver District Attorney’s Office posted: "The members are accused of sharing information and techniques amongst themselves to perfect the best methods of quickly stealing a vehicle.

"(They’re also accused of) boasting to each other on Facebook about their individual prowess at automotive thievery.

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"They also used Facebook to coordinate crimes, to elude capture, and to arrange for bond for each other.

"On some occasions, they are accused of live-streaming their crimes while in progress over Facebook as other enterprise members offered real-time encouragement."

The suspects were indicted on a total of 91 counts and are being charged under a Colorado organized crime statute.

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