Elon Musk sends second round of aid as Zelensky offers invite to Ukraine ‘after the war’

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In a video of the meeting posted on Zelensky‘s Instagram, the Ukrainian president invited Musk to visit Ukraine after the war. Mr Zelensky later tweeted: “Talked to @elonmusk. I’m grateful to him for supporting Ukraine with words and deeds.

“Next week we will receive another batch of Starlink systems for destroyed cities. Discussed possible space projects. But I’ll talk about this after the war.”

Last week, Musk announced that Starlink satellite internet service was “active in Ukraine” with “more terminals en route,” after Mykhailo Fedorov, the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, tweeted at Musk.

Fedorov requested Starlink after the Russian invasion disrupted internet access for some Ukrainians.

Musk warned earlier this week that the system could be targeted.

Mr Musk tweeted: “Starlink is the only non-Russian communications system still working in some parts of Ukraine, so the probability of being targeted is high.”

Musk advised users to only turn on the system when needed and to place the antenna as far away from people as possible.

Starlink is the low-Earth orbit internet service that SpaceX has been building out for the past several years.

It is a constellation of connected satellites that, in theory, will be able to provide high-speed internet to large swaths of the world.

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So far, SpaceX has launched more than 2,000 of these satellites and put nearly 100 satellites into orbit this week alone on two separate launches.

The entire constellation is planned to have more than 4,000 satellites when complete.

Starlink differs from other satellite internet services because they are in low-Earth orbit rather than geostationary orbit, which allows them to provide faster internet speeds as the signal doesn’t have to go as far.

In Kyiv, the constant attacks persist as the Klitschko brothers remain at the forefront of the city’s protection.

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Mayor Vitali Klitschko appeared in a picture with his brother Wladimir and all the Starlink equipment sent by Musk to their city.

Mr Musk has already committed to delivering more of this tech to cities that are more remote and have suffered even greater attacks from Russia.

Meanwhile, in a tweet Friday night, Elon Musk claimed foreign government officials had asked his satellite internet company Starlink “to block Russian news sources” following the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

Musk said in the tweet: “We will not do so unless at gunpoint. Sorry to be a free speech absolutist.”

It’s unclear which governments Musk is referring to in the tweet, though he added it was not Ukraine.

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