Drink-driving nun caused car crash and tried to convince mate to take the fall

A drink-driving nun caused a serious car accident and then managed to convince her fellow lady of the cloth to take the blame for her.

The sister, named in Polish media as Barbara M, went a bit too hard on the holy wine before jumping in the car on December 9, 2021, in the city of Olsztyn, around 130 miles north of Warsaw.

The incident shocked the Polish public at the time, especially since the woman lied and tried to deceive the police by telling them her older colleague was the one driving the Fiat.

News site O2 reported the 37-year-old nun refused to give way to an Audi, causing a collision of vehicles at an intersection in the city.

She sped off "with tires screeching," fearing repercussions because she was also drunk behind the wheel.

She returned to the scene, but not to admit her crimes. She had an older nurse with her, whom she told the police was driving the Fiat.

However, when police told the woman what her penalty would be she "broke" and told them the truth about her younger colleague.

She explained she had been persuaded by Barbara M. to wrongly take responsibility for the whole incident.

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After the correct woman was detained, a breathalyser showed a result of 0.99 mg/l of alcohol in her blood.

The nun lost her driving licence and her case was heard in front of the district court in Olsztyn this week.

She was found guilty of drink driving and fined the equivalent of £380. An additional fine of £950 was added for the Victims' Assistance and Post-penitentiary Assistance Fund.

The nun was also reportedly disqualified from driving for three years.


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