‘Don’t panic’: London Mayor Ed Holder addresses coronavirus outbreak from self-isolation

London Mayor Ed Holder continues to self-isolate due to the novel coronavirus outbreak but says he’s asymptomatic after returning from a family reunion trip in Florida.

“If you’re travelling, it’s prudent that you be in self-isolation for two weeks, and I’m doing that now,” Holder said. “We had a family reunion back in Florida, which kinda got busted up real quick because it was important to come back home.”

On his second day of self-isolation, Holder said he has experienced no complications in addressing the current outbreak at a municipal level.

“I’ve had no issue dealing with any level of government or individuals as I need to,” he said. “Working from home’s a little different, I won’t lie, but it doesn’t change the impacts for individuals, and the ones I need to speak with, I’m speaking with.”

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to hit businesses and programs across the city. Holder told Global News that he realizes it’s a difficult time for people to pay their bills being off the job but that his government must wait for provincial and federal support before making a move municipally.

As mandated orders continue to come down from the provincial and federal levels of government, Holder says Londoners have been very open to taking appropriate measures, and he is appreciative of that.

As of Tuesday, CF Masonville Place and White Oaks Mall remain open but with restricted hours.

At this time, Holder says the city is discussing the possible closure of London’s two malls, but for now, extra precautions are to be taken for those who venture out to the mall.

“Malls are still an open question, but we’re asking people to distance themselves as well and we think that’s prudent,” he said.

As measures continue amid the COVID-19 outbreak, one message Holder can’t stress enough to the public is to just stay calm.

“Please don’t panic,” he said. “I think that’s important. I think that … any potential for hysteria can create its own challenges by itself.

“As much as things can be in control, we’re urging people to stay calm, be prudent and if they’ve got any sense that they have symptoms, to stay home. If they get worse, then they need to take some steps.”

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