Donald Trump vote: What is a town hall? President receives furious backlash from voters

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Donald Trump has found trouble establishing stable footing against Joe Biden, who has polled ahead of the President at every moment of the election race this year. Since the DNC officially announced him as their nominee, he has remained at least seven points ahead of the incumbent at every step. In some cases, his lead has extended to up to 10 points, and Mr Trump is now hoping to make himself more personable.

What is a town hall?

Local communities use town hall meetings to gather and discuss issues deemed significant in the immediate area.

The discussions seek to solve problems by questioning people not publicly available daily.

In this sense, a town hall is a vital test of accountability, and the same goes on the political stage.

Political town halls give Presidents and Presidential candidates a chance to sit down and receive questions in person from their potential voters.

Pundits regard the process as vital for the public given the unique nature of US elections, where political influence often decide issues.

The process is particularly vital for Mr Trump, who rarely steps outside of his political bubble.

Voters held him to account yesterday, as they levelled some tough questions at the President.

Yesterday’s ABC News town hall in Philadelphia took place with an audience of undecided voters, amongst them Kutztown University professor Ellesia Blaque.

Professor Blaque told the President she suffered from a pre-existing condition, something currently protected from insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

But Mr Trump is currently attempting to dismantle the act, established by former President Barack Obama, leading the professor to accuse him of “trying to strike down” pre-existing conditions.

The President attempted to speak over her question, resulting in a harsh rebuke.

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She asked the President to “please stop and let me finish my question, sir”.

The sober moments continued for Mr Trump throughout the rest of the town hall, as lines he has relied on with already committed voters fell flat.

The undecided crowd cut through a carefully curated facade and underlined the problem with his appeal which has caused him to sink in the polls.

The President’s experience brings into focus the double-edged sword of the town hall, as it also supplies talking points for political rivals.

Mr Trump and Mr Biden will face off for the first time on September 29 in a televised debate.

The event will give the former Vice President a chance to take the incumbent to task on his record as the public did yesterday.

Democrat majority leader in Congress Nancy Pelosi previously warned the candidate against debating the incumbent amid fears he would twist the truth.

But Mr Biden has pledged to act as a human fact-checker during each public event.

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