Donald Trump impeachment could BLOCK Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid relief plan

Donald Trump says he won’t attend Joe Biden’s inauguration

President-elect Biden’s plan aims to kick start America’s economy as it reels from the coronavirus pandemic. It comes less than a week before Mr Biden will be sworn into the White House.

However, President Trump’s impeachment could pose a threat to the rollout of Mr Biden’s package.

During his election campaign the president-elect promised to take the ongoing pandemic more seriously than Mr Trump.

With his new package, Mr Biden aims to ramp up resources for the coronavirus vaccine rollout and economic recovery in the US.

The $1.9 trillion (£1.4 trillion) stimulus package will include a commitment for $1,400 (£1,022) stimulus checks, according to reports.

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Mr Biden is also believed to be partnering with private companies to increase the number of Americans receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

Biden’s incoming administration is expected to work with Congress on a quick rollout of the stimulus package after the president-elect’s inauguration on January 20.

However, President Trump’s impeachment could threaten to consume lawmakers in the initial weeks of Mr Biden’s time in office.

On Wednesday, Mr Trump was charged by the House for inciting an insurrection following the violent protests at the US Capitol last week.

The Senate is expected to hold a trial to establish whether Mr Trump is guilty of his charges and if he should be removed from office.

However, it is unlikely this will happen before Mr Biden takes office in a week’s time.

Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader of the Senate, said in a statement: “The Senate process will now begin at our first regular meeting following receipt of the article from the House.”

But as the Senate is in recess the earliest date a trial could begin is January 20, on Mr Biden’s inauguration day.

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Mr McConnell urged Congress to spend the next seven days “completely focused on facilitating a safe inauguration”.

Mr Biden is expected to ask Congress for another round of economic relief.

In the last round of stimulus, Mr Trump supported $2,000 (£1,400) checks for Americans.

But many of his fellow Republicans resisted the high amount, settling on $600 (£438) checks instead.

Mr Biden previously tweeted his support for a $2,000 stimulus check and claimed the $600 sum was “not enough when you have to choose between paying rent or putting food on the table”.

The president-elect’s new plan is likely to increase the $600 checks for Americans to $1,400 (£1023), according to CNN.

Mr Biden is also expected to ask Americans to wear face masks, practice social distancing and avoid indoor gatherings to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Johns Hopkins university data, the US is the world’s worst affected country in terms of coronavirus deaths and cases.

The country has registered a total of 23,282,329 confirmed COVID-19 cases, according to the university’s figures.

America’s coronavirus death toll has reach 388,159 since the start of the pandemic.

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