Dog ‘rescues’ owner performing workout by pushing seat to her to come down

A caring dog has become an internet sensation after watching over his owner during a workout session.

Montse Guijarro was doing pull-ups just outside her home while her dog, a Boston terrier-Schnauzer mix, watched on in the video on Twitter.

In the clip, she stands on a white foldable chair as she starts her workout before kicking the chair a step away from her.

Soon her pet realises the danger and seems to recognise that Montse could slip off the steel bar.

So he leaps up and pushes the chair forward so that his owner could step on it without injuring.

Montse, who is a rugby player in Riverside of California, US, carries on for a few lifts before getting back on the chair and patting her dog.

The clip has amassed more than 5million views on Twitter since it was posted on Saturday.

Viewers were impressed by the pooch's adorable act and said that humans "don't deserve dogs".

One said: "But did you watch him process it? Like he probably thought you slipped off the chair or something."

"He was like ah ah not getting hurt on my watch …. get down neoooow," another commented.

A third agreed and said it would not be the same if it's a cat, writing: "My cat would just sit and watch."

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