Dog owners reminded to be ‘cautious’ after seal pup found injured on Auckland beach

Auckland Council Animal Management is reminding dog owners to be cautious of the seals when walking their pets on a Devonport beach after a seal pup was injured.

Animal Management staff received a call about a seal in distress at Narrow Neck beach on Sunday.

Auckland Council manager animal management Elly Waitoa said a seal pup was located on the rocks and had minor cuts on its back.

Animal Management staff did not know how to pup received the injuries. However, Devonport locals believe it was due to a dog attack.

“According to bystanders, there was another seal pup nearby which had a fishing hook removed from its mouth by onlookers earlier on in the day,” Waitoa said.

Waitoa said officers couldn’t confirm the allegations.

During the winter period (March 2 to November 30), dogs are allowed off the lead during the hours of 2pm to 10am.

However under alert level 2, Waitoa said it’s encouraging dog owners to keep their pets on a leash at all times.

Animal Management have increased patrols in the area, however they have had no other reports of dogs attacking seals at the Auckland beach.

The Department of Conservation says if you encounter a seal on or near a beach, give it space:

• Always keep dogs on a leash, under control and away from seals
• Ensure you keep small children at a safe distance and under your control when watching seals
• Don’t get closer than 20 metres
• Do not get between the seal and the sea
• Do not touch or feed the seal

Animal Management notified DoC so an investigation into the incident could begin.

DoC has been contacted for comment.

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