Diana never wanted iconic photo to be taken, says late princess security man

One of the most iconic images of the late Princess Diana was actually taken against the royal's wishes, a former staffer has revealed.

In 1992, during a visit to royal tour of India, Diana and Prince Charles took a trip to the iconic Taj Majal.

And it was there that the famous image of Diana sitting on a bench with the breathtaking building in full view behind her was snapped.

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But according to former Royal protection officer Ken Wharfe, she “didn't want” that image taking.

When asked by host Ranvir Singh on the Lorraine show whether or not she wanted that photo taken, he said: “I mean, she didn't.

“The point was, this was during the visit, it was the joint visit with her and the Prince of Wales.

“The Prince of Wales, understandably, didn't want to sit on that seat with his wife as it was the temple of love.”

“Of course, the media interest was always on Diana, right through her life, together with the Prince of Wales.

“This was a big problem for him. He wanted that media attention but, of course, the focus was on Diana, for obvious reasons.”

He also recalled how, during that momentous day, she wasn't actually meant to speak to anyone.

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But that only happened because a member of the press pack asked her, without warning, what it felt like to be there.

He added: ”On this particular day, we went to the Taj Mahal. The script was that she would sit on that bench.

“Suddenly, out of nowhere, a reporter from the back of the rat-pack, if you like, shouted out 'what does it feel like?'

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“I said to her 'look, just say, it's a rather moving moment, something like that.'”

The famous image was taken by Royal photographer Anwar Hussein.

Charles and Diana's trip to India happened in February, 1992, but the royal couple would separate just a few months later.

The couple finally divorced in 1996 after coming to an agreement.

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