Dennis the Menaces dog Gnasher goes vegan as mutt loves plant-based bangers

Dennis the Menace’s sidekick Gnasher is barking mad for ­vegan sausages.

The mutt is famous for his love of steaks, bangers and meaty dog food.

But Gnasher has now been enjoying plant-based grub.

In the new Beano annual, he scoffs vegan sausages. In one cartoon, Gnasher is in the frame when some bangers goes missing.

Dennis is told: “Your dog ate our ­vegan sausages.”

Shocked Gnasher is then seen thinking: “Vegan?!”

In the next scene, Dennis adds: “Gnasher. I’m very disappointed in you. Come with me for a stern talking to.”

But his dog thinks: “I liked those ­vegan sausages. What does that say about me?” Gnasher’s next thoughts are: “I guess I like vegan sausages now.

“What else might I like? I’ll draw the line at cats.”

It comes after the Beano, celebrating its 84th birthday this year, changed the names of Bash Street Kids Fatty and Spotty to Fred and Scotty.

Gnasher, an Abyssinian wire-haired tripe hound, was introduced to Dennis and Beano readers in 1968 and has since chewed everything including ­slippers, bones and even homework.

But never anything specifically vegan. A spokesperson for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) said: “The vegan revolution is in full swing.

“So it’s no surprise that even comic-book characters like sausage-loving Gnasher are swapping their meaty fare for planet and animal-friendly vegan versions.

“And because people are influenced by what they see on TV, in films and in comic books, this move is sure to ­inspire Beano fans to make the switch.”

The Beano said: “Gnasher is yet to find a sausage he doesn’t like.”

The comic has been a staple of British childhoods since 1938, with characters including Minnie the Minx and Roger the Dodger capturing several generations’ imaginations.

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