Dad forced to move after having sex on neighbours bollard in odd parking row

A father who masturbated on his neighbour's bollard has been forced to move house following a bizarre parking row.

Lee Craig McConnell, 28, would park his car and a campervan in a neighbour’s space in Meadow View in Blandford Forum, Dorset.

The row started after neighbour Wendie Bryant expressed she wasn’t happy about him parking in her spot.

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He was said to be furious at her for waking his newborn, Weymouth Magistrates’ Court heard, and would ultimately go on to masturbate and have sex with his wife in a brazen public act 11pm on October 26, 2022.

The act was done by a bollard paid for by Bryant as part of the parking row and was caught on CCTV, DoresetLive reports.

McConnell’s defence, Simon Lacey, said his client had been shunned by the residents of the cul-de-sac since the row and was now aiming to move house within the next three months.

He said: “It was very late at night and there’s no streetlights there. He didn’t have any idea of anything watching and unfortunately, a neighbour saw it and Ms Bryant looked at the footage.

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“It is a one-off offence and has not happened before or happened since. The defendant hasn’t spoken to her since.

“The neighbours aren’t happy (with the incident) and Mr McConnell and his partner have decided to move somewhere else in the near future.”

Prosecuting, Siobhan Oxley told the court: "On October 27 at 8am, Mrs Bryant spoke to her neighbour who was upset and advised she had witnessed them having sex the night before.

"This prompted her to view her CCTV footage (…) and it captured the defendant completely naked with the exception of flip flops.

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“He was holding his penis and appeared to be talking to someone else which Mrs Bryant considered to be his partner.

"There is a shadow against the car and clearly shows the parking space where the defendant had been.

“He was in full view and seen by Mrs Bryant to be masturbating. She found this completely disgusting. She recognised him.

“She thinks it was an attempt to shock and intimidate her. At about five minutes later, she sees the partner of the defendant come out. She kisses the defendant and then they engage to have sex behind the bollard.”

Magistrates gave him a community order for 18 months, involving up to 30 activity days and 150 hours of unpaid community work.

He must also pay £250 to Bryant and £85 and £114 in court fees.


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