Coronavirus: Toronto’s Porter Airlines temporarily suspends flights, lays off staff

Toronto’s Porter Airlines announced Wednesday it will be suspending all flights beginning Friday amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The airline also said it is being forced to issue “many temporary layoffs across all areas of the business,” which will also come into effect Friday.

“We are doing everything possible to support our team during this period and intend to welcome back all of our team members to Porter, as operations restart,” a spokesperson told Global News. “Certain components of health benefits are being maintained and paid for by the company during the temporary layoff period.

Employees will also have access to an assistance program, as well as other wellness programs on top of any support the government provides.

The airline said it hopes to resume service June 1.

“The speed of developments related to COVID-19 is shocking. It is having an unprecedented impact around the globe on businesses, economies and people,” president and CEO Michael Deluce said in a release.

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