Coronavirus news: China ‘not out of woods’ yet as WHO reveal ‘biggest concern’ with Europe

In a stunning update from China, the country has claimed that they are no longer getting any new “homegrown” coronavirus infections. Despite the nation being the origin of the virus, Italy has now overtaken them in their number of fatalities. Dr Margaret Harris, a member of the World Health Organisation’s coronavirus response team, spoke to the BBC’s Today show about what the rest of the world can learn from China’s strategy.

She told Radio 4: “China’s biggest concern now is having their outbreak receded by the very large outbreaks that are going on in Europe and elsewhere.

“So they know they’re not out of the woods, but they are a very good bellwether for the rest of us.

“They do show us that you can come through it.

“They also show us how to restart your society once you’ve gone through it.”

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