Coronavirus lockdown hitting supplies of sex dolls as Chinese factories close

Anyone hoping to buy themselves a sex doll to help while away weeks of isolation as the whole world goes into coronavirus lockdown is in for a disappointment.

The vast majority of the world’s sex dolls are made in factories in China. Factories which are, unsurprisingly, not operating at present.

Jade Stanley, who runs doll rental business Sex Doll Official, says she is really struggling to get new stock.

The former tanning salon operator said: "There has been a slowdown.

"The problem is workers took three or four days off for Chinese New Year.

"They've gone home, been quarantined and been unable to return to factories.

"But some never left the factory, and they are working like billy-o."

Jade, 36, of Bromsgrove, Worcs, launched Sex Doll Official two years ago.

Last year it became the UK's first to offer a sex doll rental service.

She says that while cleaning up the dolls after they’ve been rented is a “very messy business” the service is perfectly hygienic for the next customer: "They're very hygienic,” she says.

“They have removable vaginas, it's like a cylinder insert. You can wash them or throw them away, it's up to you.”

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Mum-of-four Jade says the service is popular with widowers and the "socially awkward."

She says he main clients are: "People who buy these products are often people who can't – or don't want to – go out a lot.

"That's especially so with coronavirus.

"We are having an awful lot of phone calls.”

Jade says that women, bi-curious men and couples make up a significant part of her customer base.

One of her more popular products is a replica of male porn star Johnny Sins.

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Jade also customises the dolls to match customers’ specific requirements: "Customers who ask for customisation are varied. Some are a bit creepy. I get some strange requests.

"I had one recently for a Michael Myers doll,” she said. “That was a bit too weird, for me.”

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