Coronavirus cases in UK hit 4,000 as COVID-19 takes toll on NHS

Coronavirus cases in the UK have surpassed 4,000, NHS England reports, with COVID-19 taking the lives of over 183 Brits.

Wales confirmed its largest increase in COVID-19 cases today, pushing the number of NHS patients with the virus over 4,000, up from 3,983 cases, with 79 recovered.

Officials said a further 89 people were diagnosed with the virus, pushing the nation's total to 280, taking the uK total to 4,072.

Earlier this week, Boris Johnson said London, the most affected area in Britain, is 14 days ahead of the country in terms of transmission.

He was forced to implement strict measures across the country, closing pubs, clubs, theatres and leisure centres, to stop the spread.

The changes were welcomed by Brits who urged the Prime Minister to go further than advise social distancing and take drastic action.

Johnson had delayed strict measures in favour of a "heard immunity" approached, but quickly changed his mind as cases grew.

The aim was to avoid an Italy-like scenario which would not overwhelm the National Health Service and emergency services.

Since the outbreak, the NHS has reported an overwhelming amount of strain on resources, including one hospital, Northwick Park in Harrow, London, declaring a "critical incident."

On Friday it said the hospital no longer has any "critical care capacity left" and has "contacted neighbouring hospitals about transferring patients."

Doctors fighting coronavirus may now be given new guidelines to help them decide which victims should live or die.

The criteria, expected to be issued today, will be in place for medics to use if they run out of intensive care or ventilators, reports The Independent.

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Guidelines will cover patients with pre-existing conditions, including respiratory disease, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

It is unclear if an age limit which treatment could be withdrawn, but other countries hit by the pandemic have implemented such measures.

If the guidelines are adhered to, it could potentially see a patient already on a ventilator removed to allow someone with a greater chance of survival a bed.

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