Cornavirus: Tips to deal with isolation from Col. Chris Hadfield

As people around the world continue to self-isolate during the novel coronavirus pandemic, many are turning to the experts for tips on how to survive while isolated.

There are probably few who know it better than Col. Chris Hadfield.

After spending 166 days in space, including as the first Canadian commander of the International Space Station, Hadfield has trained many times for the isolation and loneliness of space.

But for the 61-year-old, space isn’t lonely or isolating. Neither is closing ourselves off from the outside world. Instead, he says isolation and loneliness are psychological, not physical.

“We are all alone and we’re all confined, it’s just a matter of how you sent your own psychological boundaries of what’s normal for you,” he said while appearing on 630 CHED Afternoons with J’lyn Nye on Wednesday.

“Everybody in Canada is, hopefully, shifting their pattern a little to limit their interaction with people they don’t know and try and draw into family and friends a little bit, but that means you’re now surrounded by family and friends more than normal, so take that as a plus.”

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