Cop investigated after causing mayhem to stop drug bust on boyfriend

A New York City police officer could be in hot water after she allegedly tried to obstruct a drug squad investigation into boyfriend.

Alisa Bajraktarevic, an officer with the Bronx Robbery Squad, caused “mayhem” when police stopped a car which was being driven by the man, described as a “major drug dealer”

Officers had intended to to search the car and possibly bust the alleged drug dealer, who is is “a really bad guy and known to the department,” sources said.

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But Bajraktarevic, 33, who had already reportedly been warned to stay away from the man, flashed her badge and attempted to disrupt the bust.

“Narcotics had been watching him,” a police source said.

“One day they pulled him over. They didn’t know who she was until she stepped up and said who she was.”

After Bajraktarevic “jumped out and got involved” the narcotics detectives called for backup.

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After the chaos died down, the drugs cops “ended up letting him go,” the source said, “but they dropped a log on her” and Bajraktarevic is currently at the centre of an Internal Affairs Bureau investigation.

Bajraktarevic has been moved to desk duties and had her police issue pistol taken away from her pending an investigation, sources within the department told the New York Post.

She had apparently met the suspected drug dealer at her gym, and despite warnings from colleagues had got into a relationship with him.

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Bajraktarevic declined to comment in detail on the incident, simply saying that the vehicle she was in with her boyfriend had been parked when drug squad detectives pounced.

“There’s certain things I’m not allowed to speak on as per the department,” she said. “But the alleged drug dealer? That’s not under investigation.

“He’s not a drug dealer.”

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Colleagues said that officers are warned on their first day never to get personally involved with criminals. “It’s a dumb thing to do, " said one.

Former NYPD sergeant Joseph Giacalone, now a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, said there was obvious reasons why officers shouldn’t form personal relationships with known criminals.

“The policy is in place because you want police officers to be somewhat incorruptible,” he said.

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“She could have knowledge of potential search warrants that might be happening," he added. "If you have a police officer that’s on the inside they can wreak a whole lot of havoc … for investigations.

“They also have information that could set two different drug gangs against each other. You can set up robberies. You can set up burglaries.

“You can do all that with inside information.”

Bajraktarevic’s social media profile suggests a devotion to body-building, with numerous shots of the NYPD officer either in the gym or sunbathing in a skimpy bikini.


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