City of Winnipeg continues handing out parking tickets amid COVID-19 outbreak

While there are fewer cars on the roads this week in Winnipeg, the city still has crews out, making sure those who park continue to follow the rules.

The city says it’s adapting in order to maintain essential services, and for now parking enforcement officers have remained in their roles.

That doesn’t sit well with Jonathan Castillo who Global News saw narrowly avoid a ticket while parked on Main Street Wednesday.

“I was just coming to work to quickly pick up some items just to work from home now. I was in for maybe two to five minutes and almost got a parking ticket,” said Castillo.

Castillo said he thinks it’s unfair for the city to be handing out parking tickets while people are feeling the stress of COVID-19.

“Right now everyone’s kind of in this outbreak moment so I think they should toss all parking tickets,” he said.

“I spoke to the guy and said ‘hey listen I was just grabbing some stuff from work to prevent the spread’ and he let me go with a warning.”

Mayor Brian Bowman says the city’s emergency measures centre is monitoring the situation to ensure staff are safe.

“I expect (manager of Winnipeg’s emergency operations centre) Jay Shaw will be working with all of our different departments to ensure they’re following the recommendations from Manitoba Health,” Bowman said.

“He has my full confidence and support. As he mentioned there are changes day by day.”

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