China wades in on ridiculous Falklands row as they support Argentina over UK

China’s ambassador in Argentina, Zou Xiaoli has used a farewell letter to back the Argentinian government’s position on the Falklands islands.

The Chinese envoy bid farewell during an event commemorating the 96th anniversary of the formation of the People’s Liberation Army this week in Buenos Aires.

Argentina’s Minister of Defence, Jorge Taiana, as well as government officials and members of Argentina’s Chinese population, attended the ceremony.

Xiaoli pledged China’s support for Argentina’s efforts in reclaiming sovereignty over the “Malvinas,” adopting the Argentinian name for the islands.

The remarks come amid weeks of tensions between Buenos Aires and London over the status of the South Atlantic archipelago.

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In the letter, Xiaoli wrote: “China appreciates the friendship and collaboration with Argentina and will, as always, support Argentina in reclaiming its sovereignty over the Malvinas, maintaining financial consistency, economic growth and welfare improvement, and joining the Brics group, to play a more important and positive role in South-South collaboration, among other international issues.”

Noting growing cultural and political ties between China and Argentina, Xiaoli also thanked the Argentinian government for supporting Beijing’s “One China” policy regarding Taiwan.

He said: “The Chinese government and people appreciate Argentina for adhering to the principle of one China, that is, there is only one China in the world and Taiwan is an inalienable part of China.”

Argentina Defense Minister Jorge Taiana responded to Xiaoli’s remarks by noting the growing military ties between the two countries.

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Mr Taiana said: “I want to reaffirm that cooperation between the two countries in the area of Defense will continue to grow and multiply, because we are facing a world where there are changes in the relations of force, there are changes in hegemonies and we are moving from a unipolar world to a multipolar world.”

Tensions between the Governments of Argentina and the UK over the Falkland Islands have worsened once again with Buenos Aires reacting angrily to the British military carrying out military exercises around the Atlantic archipelago.

The UK’s “Cape Bayonet” military drills in the Falklands have drawn criticism from Alberto Fernández’s administration, which accuses Britain of flouting UN resolutions.

In response, the British Government explains the drills as required for improving “self-defence” capabilities.

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The recent military drills in the Malvinas Islands, which have been under British administration since 1833 but are claimed by Buenos Aires, were described by the Argentine Government as an “unjustified show of force.”

Argentine Foreign Ministry said in a statement: “This time it was a new edition of the military exercises called ‘Cape Bayonet’, which brings together the various British forces that are part of the illegal occupation deployment that the United Kingdom is carrying out in the Malvinas Islands.”

According to London, the military drills involving the British Army, Navy, and Royal Air Force are aimed to improve their “self-defence” capabilities.

The exercises, according to information from the British Strategic Command, aim to enhance leadership abilities and resilience in preparation for any clashes in the disputed territory.

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