Chelsea presenter told she ‘deserves it’ after ‘sexual assault’ outside Wembley

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Chelsea-mad OnlyFans star Astrid Wett shared a video of a stranger spanking her outside of Wembley stadium and warned that "this is sexual assault".

The influencer, who has received more than 8,000 likes on her latest tweet, has had to fight back against trolls claiming "she deserved it" due to the sexual nature of her job.

The self-proclaimed 'Queen of TikTok' took to Twitter with a four-second footage of a man walking up behind her as she spoke to other football fans for her social media content ahead of the Liverpool vs Chelsea match on Saturday (May 14).

He is then seen spanking her bottom and walking off like nothing had happened – leaving Astrid looking shocked at what had just occurred.

She wrote: "Didn’t want to have to tweet this but this totally unacceptable, this is sexual assault. Please do something about this @ChelseaFC @ChelseaSTrust.

"If anyone says I deserve this because of what I do you are part of the problem."

Vile trolls attempted to justify the man's actions, with one writing: "You’re only upset because he never paid for it."

A second said: "Yet you're perfectly happy to proclaim getting your tits out but complain about people sexualising your body. Which is it make your mind up."

Astrid Wett told the Daily Star it was "absolutely shocking and kind of scary" that people believed it was okay for her to be sexually assaulted because of her OnlyFans work.

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Astrid said: "These people are also part of the problem. No one deserves to be touched like that no matter what you do for work.

"Although I’m an OnlyFans model I also create YouTube videos. Fun, entertaining videos that don’t correlate with my OnlyFans.

"On this day I was recording a YouTube video in public where I ask random people awkward questions. I was in the middle of a conversation when a man walked past and smacked my ass completely out of the blue.

"It wasn’t just a little tap either but regardless it’s still shocking. I don’t know who this man is but it’s scary to think that in this day and age there are still guys that think this behaviour will be tolerated."

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Among the trolls, some Twitter users were rightly outraged over the incident and demanded the bloke be found.

One user said: "Twitter do your thing, someone knows him – the first step to getting something done is knowing his name."

Another added: "I do hope they get him."

A police spokesperson told the Daily Star: "Police are investigating an allegation of sexual assault that was reported to have occurred outside Wembley Stadium on the afternoon of Saturday, May 14.

"It was alleged that a woman was touched inappropriately by a man. No arrests have been made and enquiries are ongoing."

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