Charles Bronson’s ex sure he’ll walk free and ‘head to greasy spoon in Bentley’

Notorious jailbird Charles Bronson has told his ex-wife that he’s confident he could soon walk free from jail.

Irene Dunroe, Bronson’s ex-wife, predicted “A Bentley car is going to come and pick him up when the day comes.

“It’s going to take him straight to the greasiest spoon café he can find so he can have a double breakfast of everything – double sausage, double egg,” she said.

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Bronson has a few different ideas about what he'll do if he's granted parole, saying he plans to have a threesome – perhaps on camera – once he’s free.

Joking about a venue for his explicit video shoot, the 70-year-old laughed: “I might borrow Dave Courtney's sex museum for a while”.

Irene, 70, was right about his first meal on the outside though. Bronson said recently: “I’d like to go to some art shows, I’d like to go to a greasy spoon and have a nice fry up, double bubble."

Irene married Bronson in 1972, before he began his 48-year stretch behind bars, and while he was still known as Mick Peterson. She jokes that she could lock him up in his garden shed at night so that the long-time prisoner would feel at home.

Irene told the Mirror : “Mick is not a terrorist, rapist or murderer or paedophile. His crimes of violence are because he was getting violently treated.

“He has got stab wounds all over his back, one attack he was on life support, he was going to die. He has got to get out. In these last years he hasn’t had any violent treatment and he has behaved.”

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Bronson, who was 22 when he was first jailed in 1974 for armed robbery, has begged a parole board to set him free despite admitting nine rooftop protests and 11 hostage sieges.

Bronson plans to pursue a career as an artist when he gets out.

Irene said: “He’s going to do loads of painting and he can’t wait to go to an art shop and pick paints and brushes.

“He’s going to spend 12 months selling his work and doing an exhibition. He’s hoping to get the money to get a little cottage in the countryside.

“He wants two dogs, Ronnie and Reggie, so he can go on nice, long walks. That’s all he wants. He is not going to cause any trouble. He’s too old.”

Bronson’s parole board deliberations continue.


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