Brits baffled by ‘what age we’re in now’ as ‘Elizabethan age comes to an end’

The death of Queen Elizabeth aged 96 has caused confusion about what era we are living in now.

Her Majesty’s passing not only marks the end of her own life, but also of the Elizabethan age – one that started 70 years ago.

Different periods of British history have often been divided and defined by the monarch who sits on the throne.

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Houses around the UK are often described as Georgian, Edwardian or Victorian because they were built during that monarch’s reign.

For some, the age of Elizabeth is all they know, with Hot Fuzz and Baby Driver director Edgar Wright said: “It’s strange to wake up and think that an Elizabethan age is over.

"She’d been Queen since my Dad was 10 and my Mum was 8, had both the Beatles and the Sex Pistols write a song about her and lived through, if not watched, every Doctor Who, as well as see No 11 play her hubby”.

But with the importance of the Elizabethan age in mind, people have been rightly asking questions about what comes next and what the days with Charles on the throne will come to be known as.

His official title of King Charles III was confirmed by Clarence House and so it is assumed that it will be something along the lines of this name that will define the era.

People have been asking the question all over Twitter, with one writing: “So the second Elizabethan age has come to an end. What age are we now living?”

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A second asked: “What age are we in now? Victorian, Elizabethan, Edwardian…Charlesian" While a third added: "I'm trying to work out what age it is. It was Elizabethan age now it's Charlian?”

Perhaps the best approach is to look at history – with Charles the third of his name there have been two periods where the person on the throne has had that name.

The years 1625 to 1649 saw Charles I sit on the throne while 1660 to 1685 saw Charles II on it.

These two periods of time are known as the Carolean eras and so it is fair to assume the same will go for the reign of King Charles III.

This isn’t a done deal, with no hard and fast rule – some have even speculated that, like the Tudor period, this time could come to be known as the Windsor era, Metro reports.


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